Akademische Patenschaften e.V.  Academic Fundraising
BILDUNGsgerechtigkeit - gegen Diskriminierung in Armut für Teilhabe & Integration!

Association Board

First Chairman / Founding Chairman & Secretary:

Mr. Christian Gadde is a full-time teacher for the State of Berlin, freelance lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin and the Humanist Association of Germany (HVD Bln-Brb KdöR), franchise partner of the Duden Institute for Learning Therapy as an independent entrepreneur, systemic consultant, trainer for Non-violent Communication (Rosenberg), Anti-Aggressiveness-Trainer for confrontational pedagogy (Kilb / Weidner / Gall) and artist agent in event management in his free time

Honorary Chairman

Mr. Rouven Winkel alias Michael Rouven is a full-time teacher for the State of Berlin, a freelance singer-songwriter and imitation artist, known from numerous TV and radio appearances and winner of the special prize of the IFA Artist Prize 2009. He is the author of the artistic and pop-cultural projects of Akademische Patenschaften e.V.

Second / Deputy Chairwoman: Mrs. Yasmin Bergemann-Gadde is a special education teacher for the State of Berlin

Treasurer: Mrs. Sylvia Gadde is a retired retail clerk